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Beautiful Google Fonts for your Website


Google includes a growing selection of free web fonts for you to use on your website. These aren’t just your run-of-the-mill, everyday fonts — they’re special because they were designed by world-renowned type designers and foundries and optimized for legibility and performance across all modern browsers and operating systems.

If you use Chrome or Opera as your browser, Google Fonts works even better: these browsers allow you to swap in the font stack that appears on any Google Font page, rather than using their own default settings (which may or may not be configured correctly). This allows you to preview exactly what people will see when viewing your site.

What are the Google Fonts?

Google has a collection of font families, free to anyone who wants to use them for any purpose. Their main targets are web designers and developers, and they hope this will provide yet another incentive for people to use Google’s many products and services online – including their open-source browser Chromium, as well as their search engine. The fonts can be accessed through an API or linked directly from Google servers.

The list of available fonts is constantly growing: the company currently offers 65 unique typefaces in 60 styles (for a total of more than 720 family variants) that work across Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek scripts, as well as Hebrew.  There are separate versions for upper and lower case, numbers, punctuation marks, and symbols.

What are the advantages of using Google Fonts?

Using a font from Google’s library can add a more professional touch to your site. It’s also a great way to save time and money when you’re working on a project that requires lots of text while making sure each letter looks exactly right. You can edit the CSS directly if you want to change any special settings, such as vertical alignment or kerning (the space between individual letterforms).

On top of all this they’re free for everyone – just head over to the official Google Fonts website, then click on any font family or style name to be taken straight to its page. From here you can view the complete character set for that particular face, as well as any related styles (bold/italic/bold italic). When you find one you like simply copy the link address at the top of the screen, then paste it into your site’s CSS file or HTML document wherever you want to apply it. Note: for this function to work correctly in Chrome or Opera browsers remember to replace the word “styles” with an actual comma-separated list of what you want (e.g., “google font”,”google font-bold”, “google font-italic”).

20 Best Google fonts for website

1. Lobster

Lobster is a fantastic font choice for headings as it has bold and beautiful features that make reading easier on the eyes, unlike many other fonts. This goes well with Droid Sans since they both have readable text styles in their respective categories of body copy or titles/headlines respectively.

2. Cabin

The cabin is a clean and modern font that offers eight styles: Regular, medium bold for when you want to make your headlines stand out more than usual; it also comes in medium-light italics. The simplicity of this typeface gives both headings as well body copy ample opportunity to shine with their own personality while still being excellent at what they do – making Cabin an ideal choice among writers who value versatility over creativity (or lack thereof).

3. Bree Serif

The typeface, designed in 2008 by Veronika Burian and José Scaglione has come to be known as fun yet elegant serif font. It can easily distinguish itself from other fonts through its upright appearance which makes it perfect for headlines or logos alike! With Lato paired well with this stylishly designed lettering tool you are sure not only have yourself one amazing design but together create something truly breathtaking.

4. Lora

Lora is a serif font that has four styles to choose from and it looks great when used for body text. The elegant curves give this typeface an extremely contemporary feel, which works well in both print or screen-based projects!

5. Playfair Display

Playfair Display is a typeface that was designed for headings and has short capitals. The uppercase letters are only slightly larger than their lower-case counterparts, so they look great when paired with Georgia body text to produce an elegant effect without leading spaces between words if there isn’t much room left on your page or in titles stylistically instead of literally which can help save some time while writing up longer pieces of content. It’s important not just because you’re using this specific font throughout but also how readable everything will become at large scale

6. Ubuntu

With its clear sans serifs, the Ubuntu Font Family is perfect for creating headings and body text on mobile devices. It can be used in multiple languages to help you express your thoughts more creatively than ever before!

7. Cookie

A cookie is a font that provides the look and feel of old-fashioned advertising. It’s great for headings because it has this simple yet legible appearance with its brush calligraphic styling reminiscent of 1950s ads or pin-up posters in supermarkets back then!

8. Allerta

Allerta is a typeface that was designed to be easy to read from afar. It has an inspiring, yet determined demeanor with each character distinguishable but not too much detail so as it won’t overwhelm the reader’s eyesight (or lack thereof). This makes this font perfect for both headings and body copy!

9. Rambla


This font is perfect for when you want to make your text look sophisticated and elegant. It has a very condensed style, which makes it seem more closed-up than open so that the reader’s eyes can’t wander off from what they’re reading easily – this would work well on websites as well because pairing these letters with another similar typeface like Raleway.

10. Grand Hotel

Grand Hotel is the perfect font to give your text that classic, elegant look. It was inspired by the cinema’s most famous hotel in Paris – Cafe Metropole- and you can see it everywhere from movie posters all over town (you might recognize this one)to signs at places like New York City’s Central Park or London.

11. Nunito

Nunito is a sans serif font that has been designed to be readable across all devices. It features rounded terminals, making it perfect for headings and other text styles where symmetry may not always work well with the reader’s eye movement process; this makes these types of elements less challenging on-screen than they would otherwise appear! Nunito is a sans serif font that has been designed to be readable across all devices. It features rounded terminals, making it perfect for headings and other text styles where symmetry may not always work well with the reader’s eye movement process; this makes these types of elements less challenging on-screen than they would otherwise appear!

12. Dancing Script

The Dancing Script is the perfect font for giving your site an inviting, yet formal feel. It has bouncing letters that change size slightly and large caps below the baseline which creates friendly-looking headings when you want something friendlier than usual or a more formal look

13. Lekton

Lekton is a typeface that was designed with the aim of making typewriter-style lettering feel modern. The spacing for each glyph can be customized, which allows you better control over your text’s appearance in different situations and formats; great if headings need special attention!

14. News Cycle

News Gothic is a font that was originally released in 1908. It’s called News Cycle for its ability to be clear and readable even when used at smaller sizes, which makes it perfect for website copy with large blocks of text on the page. It has been created by Nathen Willis who recommends this typeface as one where you want your message or story held up from getting lost among other things happening around them due mostly because people are constantly scrolling through their screens rather than reading each word individually  This means making sure every line counts so there’ll always someone waiting.

15. The Droid family

With the rise in mobile device usage, many people are opting not just for one but two or even three fonts on their web page. Arial is great when it comes to reading text because its blocky letters contrast well against most backgrounds but what about those who have eye fatigue from staring at computers all day long? You could try Droid Sans Mono (or any other Serif) which has been designed specifically so that readers don’t strain their eyes while browsing through pages with lots of text!

16. Vollkorn

Vollkorn is a font that has been designed to be used for everyday content. Its dark and beefy serifs make it look great even when printing or web-based design, while still maintaining an elegance suitable on paper as well. This typeface comes in both normal weight (which can substitute body copy) along with bold versions called “heavy” which work particularly nicely if you want your titles/headlines to stand out from the page

17. Montserrat

Montserrat is a typeface that was created by Julieta Ulanovsky. Inspired by old posters and signs in her neighborhood, Montesserat allows for various caps to be used which adds even more diversity when it comes down o text composition.

18. Crimson Text

With strong serifs, this old-style typeface is designed for use in the everyday text. Inspired by the works of Jan Tschichold and Robert Slimbach with its square shapes inspired by Jonathan Hoefler’s Verdana; it has been created so you can have something refreshing on your screen while still being able to read what’s written without trouble!

19. Roboto

Roboto is a great font for body copy. It’s the type used in Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android, and it comes with 12 weights as well six different condensed fonts to choose from! This would be perfect on magazine-style websites or personal blogs where you want an elegant but professional look without breaking up your content too much at one point during reading

20. Sanchez

With its Rounded edges, Sanchez is a perfect font for headings. This serif typeface has an exceptional resemblance to Rockwell and gives off great contrast against the square structure it contains; making it excellent in both titles and text alike!


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