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Decorilla Reviews


Decorilla connects clients with local and online interior designers. Clients can choose to pay flat fees or hourly rates for designs. Like Decorist, Decorilla deducts a site commission of 50% from each customer’s payment. However, customers pay significantly more for designs, so designers can still make a respectable hourly wage.

For instance, a client might spend between $699 to $1,549 for a living room design. Between $350 and $775 would be the designer’s take-home pay. Do you want a new kitchen design? Prices start at $699 and go up to $1649. Customers who prefer hourly rates or in-person service pay between $75 to $500 per hour, with the designers receiving 50% of that sum.

You can speak with your designer by phone, online chat, email, and/or video when you use an online interior design service such as Decorilla. While the design process differs differently for each organization, it typically begins with 1) obtaining your design requirements. 2) creating and emailing you the preliminary designs. 3) receiving comments on your designs, 4) modifying your designs in response to feedback until you’re content.

For instance, the online interior design service from Decorilla starts with a complimentary design call. Suppose you need more clarification about your vision for the place or spaces you’re interested in having designed. In that case, that’s perfectly acceptable and can be accomplished throughout the design process of a project. This call is meant to explore those issues. Three designers will be suggested to you after the free design consultation. Then you can look over them and decide which to use. The design project will begin once a designer has been chosen.

What to expect from Decorilla?

Each design contains a color scheme, a layout with furniture placements, 3D images of the space, and implementation advice. Designers also create a detailed shopping list with store links and suggested retail prices. Unlike many other websites, designers can suggest purchases from any store.

Decorilla offers significant discounts to clients who place orders through the website at 350 retailers, including Wayfair, Crate & Barrel, and Pottery Barn. This helps buyers accept Decorilla’s higher rates.

Decorilla Online Interior Design’s benefits

•           A single, transparent, fixed design fee

•           Designers are paid on commission (sales pressure)

•           Designers only endorse goods from partners in retail (limited selection)

•           Designers receive fair compensation.

•           Discounts on furnishings are available

•           High-quality 3D renderings with a focus on virtual reality, with approved designers based in the U.S. and Canada and speaking fluent English

•           Lengthy turnaround

•           Negative aspects of Decorilla’s online interior design services

•           Not the cheapest choice available

•           Superior 3D renderings

•           You choose one designer to collaborate with after two designers compete by submitting the first design proposals.

•           You must select one of the two designers you gave; you cannot select a specific designer.

What are the concerns?

The terms of the service raise some questions, even though freelance designers who use it give it excellent marks. One is that each client can access two designs from two distinct designers. Therefore, a certain percentage of your time will be spent on unsuccessful bids.

Second, the website only pays designers once clients have given their approval for their work. When clients are unresponsive, Decorilla does have some procedures that automatically approve designs. Therefore, you would only have to wait up to 60 days. The Decorilla symbol and link must be included on your website if you run your website and create for Decorilla. Additionally, any images of Decorilla projects used on your website must bear the Decorilla watermark.

Final Thoughts

The only design service that offers you a variety of design concepts to pick from is Decorilla. Although most programs let you make changes, many homeowners sometimes need clarification about what changes to request. By providing you with two design choices, to begin with, Decorilla eliminates that barrier.

The fact that Decorilla acts as a go-between for you and the items in your design makes it comparable to Decorist. They provide product discounts, but you must rely entirely on Decorilla to deliver your order and manage returns if it is unsuccessful.


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