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How to Decorate a Kitchen Countertop


It’s high time we altered all that if you’ve never given any attention to what should be displayed on your kitchen countertops. The area of your house that is probably used the most may benefit from some much-needed flair by adding the correct components, whether practical, aesthetic, or a combination of the two. It’s a place to hang out with friends and family, have early morning discussions, and eat midnight munchies, but it can also be a place to show off your individuality. Just keep in mind that this is one area that is prone to being cluttered, so maintain a clear, succinct vision. Here, we’ve included our favorite suggestions for simple kitchen counter decor.

1. Gather a Collection

Use your counters to store your culinary knick knacks, whether they are cookbooks, cutting boards, or platters propped up against the backsplash. When visitors assemble in the kitchen, hand-me-down wooden spoons, a stack of gathered dishes, and engraved drinking glasses on a tiny tray can also add interest or start a conversation. Simply follow the less-is-more philosophy to keep your kitchen countertops uncluttered.

2. Integrate Nature

Consider including some outside area in a place where we spend a lot of time. If you want all the glory and (nearly) none of the effort of a bouquet, choose chopped branches. Compared to their flowery cousins, they will survive far longer. Shorter stems may be just as attractive if set on a countertop that is below open shelves or cabinets. Tall branches make a statement on an island.

3. Restrict Your Color Scheme

Keep the palette to two or three major colors to prevent a tiny kitchen from becoming overly crowded. The area won’t seem fussy or disorganized if the objects on the countertop have a monotone impact. For an even more organized appearance, group things with similar hues together. Here, a splash of green serves as a secondary hue and provides the finishing touch this kitchen requires in terms of color.

4. Keep It Simple

Different countertop materials provide aesthetic appeal and may quickly warm up a kitchen without the need for preheating. Keeping the remainder of the countertop decor simple when combining countertop materials will prevent the attention from shifting or becoming obscured by the small details. The same holds true if you only use one type of countertop material overall and want it to make a statement. Your countertop decor might be influenced by where you want the eye to land when entering the kitchen.

5. Establish a coffee shop

Create a coffee or beverage station to increase the efficiency of your counters. Your mornings will be a breeze if you have your necessities ready. Corral the cups or mugs on a tiny tray to make the arrangement appear purposeful and prevent it from looking random. If there is room, include a sugar dish, a small package of tea bags, or other accessories. If not, keep them in a cupboard that is slightly above the countertop for quick grab-and-go access without taking up valuable countertop space.

6. Adorn the space above the counters

Since there is never too much storage in the kitchen, keeping your worktops clean requires more than just a nightly tidy-up. It also requires making use of the space above and below your countertops. If your shelves are open, make sure the configurations are well-planned. Section by section, arrange them, pausing to make sure they complement one another and aren’t too busy in between each vignette. Make sure your counters are unadorned to avoid open shelves appearing crowded.

7. Incorporate Color

If the colors in your kitchen are neutral or earthy, utilize the countertops to add a splash of color. Flowers, fruit, and fall branches all work well and are simple to replace if you want to emphasize another color or avoid using it at all.

8. Show off Your Green Fingers

A kitchen herb garden serves two purposes. The important components are kept precisely where you want them—front and center—while adding a bright touch of green to the area. There’s no reason you can’t have a countertop herb garden that grows all year long as long as you have enough light and maintain them. Sadly, the same cannot be said of the gorgeous basil planter on the porch, which sadly shriveled away at the first sight of cold.


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